SOA or Service Oriented Architecture has been popular to many companies. Business
industries describe it as a method of linking element, unit and components together and
utilizing other sources of information like ERP tools as solution for your IT problems.
Most of the businesses today are clueless about people who visit their website. What they
need to know is that a simple Contact Me page and an integrated CRM and ERP solution
will help them on this problem. Sad to say, business owners and prospects browse on
several sites just to look for things they really need. As a result, potential businesses
actually loose around 80%. Some depend on cold canvass just to improve the
communication, which is actually more expensive. Developing the communication with
the searchers is one of the easy solutions to enhance productivity and sales to your

Whenever your clients search your site, the IP number of the individual’s computer is
stored in ProspectFinder. And for several years already they have stored a huge amount
of IP addresses to coordinate with IP board on different nations all over the world to get
the IP addresses of the owners. The data is then sent to D&B together with the business
ID and information is linked to the company such as credit history, turnover, total number
of staff and many more.

Next is sending the data to assigned sales people in the business to act on it immediately.
Criteria are set up to match the sales organization and this could be done by using SOA
solutions and technology. This information is then sent to CRP or ERP solution and this
will show contact card and relevant clients. SOA is a helpful solution and you won’t have
to worry about taking that sales pitch at all because you know that there are clients
waiting for you who are really interested.

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