The Quality Management System (QMS) is one of the five main sections of ISO 9000. QMS consists of various processes that help ensure quality management approach that is implemented in an organization. This system guarantees enhancement and uniformity of work practices and processes resulting to quality services and products. Also, application of QMS assures that customer requirements are suitably met.

Momentous benefits are gained from implementing QMS. These benefits are:

1) specific customer requirements are identified, understood, and satisfied;

2) conceptual and implementation of sound objectives and policies by the administration;

3) both internal and external communications are improved;

4) better understanding of organizational processes is gained;

5) reduced unnecessary expenditures;

6) use of time and organizational resources is improved;

7) authorities and responsibilities are further cleared out;

8) regulatory and statutory necessities on the organization and potential customers become more understandable; and

9) self-esteem and motivation among personnel are improved, which is actually among the most significant benefit.

Implementation of QMS involves the following three key steps.

Step 1: Getting a copy of the ISO 9000 standard this step includes reviewing of supporting reference materials, literature and software. It also involves pulling together a team and be in agreement with regard to approach.

Step 2: Need for training there are a wide range of seminar, training courses, and workshops made available for learning and equipping directly involved personnel. Acquiring advices from credible independent consultants can also be an option. Considering that they have the expertise and experience in QMS implementation, this then helps reduce or avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Step 3: Choosing a registrar preferably someone with a wide and in-depth experience in organizational processes, operations, service, and more.

QMS remains a vital feature for a dependable provision of superior products and services.

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