An Overview on Project Management Institute’s PMBOK guide

The Project Management Institute is the initiator of the leading organization in project
management and the author of Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK.
This association is known in 160 countries and has over 240,000 members. PMI has
helped in supporting the business industry by providing professional standards in project
management. Project Management Institute is also active in performing research,
participating in advocacies to the profession and giving businesses an access to resources
and information.

This organization started in 1969. The founders of this association realized the
importance of distributing process information, networking and solving common
problems in project management. The Project Management Institute created PMBOK to
help project managers, practitioners and professionals in various business fields. This
guide is a great tool to identify the different knowledge areas and essential processes of
project management. Aside from that, it also discusses the best practices and procedures
to successfully execute projects in various disciples.

Project Management Institute established the PMBOK guide that became a recognized
standard all over the world. This document gives a fundamental concept on managing
projects in engineering, automotive, software, IT, construction and other industries. The
PMBOK guide has helped several businesses in providing them the basic knowledge on
how to initiate, execute, plan, monitor, control and close a particular project. To be able
to get a certification in project management, professionals must be able to review and
study the PMBOK to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge in PMP. This
will definitely give them the fundamental concept project management.

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