Bounce rate is actually the rate of those people who visits your site from your entry page and leaves the website without checking the other pages of the website. Usually this happens when a customer opens the site and then closes the tab or window, when a customer typed a new website, when a customer clicks on the back button and if the session has timed out. Of course a company would always want to get a lower bounce rate since this would just indicate that a customer is really engaged on your web site. They try to check many pages within your site and that would mean that they are interested on your product which would result in a sale. So how does one improve the bounce rate? This one should rely more on the content that you put on your entry page. You should present relevant links on your pages so that you can get the action that you wanted from your visitors. You should optimize the web pages and connect them with each other so that you can engage your customers to the information that you want them to check. If you want to lower your bounce rate you can actually get a test group that would enter your website. Then ask them about their experiences. This would then be your basis on how you can improve your website. You can also make sure that when a visitor comes in you can present him the action that you wanted him to do and then just add a link that would explain things in details.

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