To sum up a complicated situation like the state of the CRM Development Industry, it can be safely said that the market for proprietary CRM solutions has already been saturated. If your organization is thinking about competing in the proprietary CRM solutions arena, then you ought to think twice because you will get creamed by the cream of the crop. It is a far more prudent strategy to go the open source route to introduce your CRM application to the market instead.

Why make an open source CRM product? Open source, for those who do not know, is software that is created using an open-source license (but that does not automatically mean that the open source CRM software is a free software product.) The point behind making an open source CRM product is so that the product can be evaluated by more people and feedback can be returned to the developer so that the product can be continuously refined and upgraded to the point that a superlative CRM product can be made. It should also result in a less expensive (though not totally free) product that prevents consumers from being confined only to the pricey proprietary CRM products available on the market today.

If you pursue the open source route to developing your product, you need to get the appropriate open-source license to be able to ethically market your CRM application as such. Otherwise, you risk confusing consumers everywhere about what kind of CRM software application you came up with in reality.


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