Investigate automation tools (Ansible, Vagrant) to speed up the process or make a more efficient release and deployment management process.

More Uses of the Ansible Toolkit:

  • Ensure you introduce; good knowledge on automation technologies and tools (Ansible, Kubernetes, Python).
  • Evaluate: network deployment and operations automation Ansible, zero touch provisioning (ztp).
  • Use Ansible to monitor servers and automate maintenance functions.
  • Be accountable for using your coding expertise in Ansible/Python, automate firewall policy management.
  • Ensure you accumulate; lead with knowledge on Ansible to automate deployment.
  • Ensure you head; and using Ansible a software provisioning, configuration management, and application deployment tool.
  • Arrange that your organization complies; DevOps technologies as Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible.
  • Systematize: Ansible playbook based network device configuration/operation.
  • Drive: implement automation of database operations like upgrades and patching using Ansible technology.
  • Drive: automation and configuration management using Ansible.
  • Automate common tasks, virtual machines, configure systems using tools as Ansible.
  • Methodize: Ansible based provisioning/configuration.
  • Drive: configuration management with Ansible, etc.
  • Identify: creation of scripts for network operations using Ansible or Python.
  • Manage work on Ansible modules and configuration management.
  • Ensure you officiate; automated system builds using DevOps technologies Ansible, Puppet, or similar.
  • Manage knowledge/exposure to Ansible Playbook.
  • Devise: configuration management with Ansible.


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