Aperto WiMax: Providing Services and Equipments for the WiMax Community

The Aperto WiMax applications provide a wide range of tools and business suites that can surely improve the utilization of mobile broadband.  Aperto is a manufacturer of WiMax enabled equipments and hardware.  Aperto produces technology devices that conform to WiMax Forum standards and can be used by carriers and business users to enhance their WiFi deployment.

For voice, video, and broadcast capabilities over the Internet and mobile devices, the Aperto WiMax application produced by ADC equipments could be deployed.  It can support wireless, wire line, cable and broadcast networks to enable them to deliver high speed connectivity and data transfer for their subscribers.  Aperto WiMax ADC equipments can be deployed anywhere thus ensuring wide access for network subscribers.

Another Aperto affiliate that provides WiMax solutions is Aptilo network.  It specializes in the creation of integrated management tools that can support volume deployments of mobile broadband connectivity.  Companies and service providers can utilize the Aptilo tools to provide large-scale WiFi and WiMax distribution. 

Aside from numerous WiMax applications offered by Aperto, it also provides training and knowledge based services.  These services are designed to improve the skills of administrators and engineers responsible for WiMax deployment and maintenance.  Several training institutions have affiliated with Aperto which offer courses and boot camp programs for WiMax trainings.   The Aperto WiMax services can surely strengthen the capabilities of IT personnel in using WiMax technologies.   In this way, mobile carriers, broadband service providers, and companies with large WiMax deployments can deliver excellent support for their subscribers.

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