Critique configuring and maintaining applications as web servers, Api Gateways, load balancers, relational storage, non relational storage, streaming platforms, and messaging systems.

More Uses of the Api Gateway Toolkit:

  • Standardize: open Api Gateway development.
  • Devise: from a software service standpoint, your focus is currently on authentication, authorization, Api Gateway, secret management, SDK, service mesh, and database with much more to come.
  • Steer: Api Gateway and development portal to support key customer integrations.
  • Ensure you know how to secure customer APIs and the systems that support API security as Api Gateways and microservices.
  • Initiate: design, architecture and build multi cloud Api Gateways.
  • Oversee: Api Gateway systems, API management.
  • Be accountable for deploying, configuring, tuning, and monitoring Api Gateways.
  • Ensure you consider; expand an entity managing developing user facing APIs using modern Api Gateways.
  • Supervise: design, build and maintain reliable automation scripts for complex applications spanning desktop, web, backend, platform, Api Gateways and many more.
  • Deliver overall micro services, API architecture, integration architecture and Api Gateway architecture.
  • Manage the security configuration for the Api Gateway that controls integrations.
  • Audit: technical lead Api Gateway.
  • Be accountable for building an Api Gateway to serve data generated at different physical labs.
  • Evaluate: software development engineering Api Gateway.
  • Manage: software engineering Api Gateway.
  • Ensure the availability, maintenance and operational effectiveness of the Api Gateway and API Management Platform.
  • Ensure you consider; lead the technology roadmap, design, development and operations of the Api Gateway and API Management Platform.


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