Be certain that your organization supports the manager and human resources manager in collaboration with the management team to achieve daily, weekly, monthly and annual organization goals through strategic vision, inspiration, and communication.

More Uses of the Applicant Tracking System Toolkit:

  • Maximize use of multiple tools as the Applicant Tracking System workflow, automated scheduling and interviewing software, and office 365.
  • Head: through your diverse community of people and leaders, you offer teams of experts who thrive in a culture of excellence and equity.
  • Secure that your organization measures team performance against maintaining consistent standards for all applicants and ensuring compliance with all local rules and regulations related to hiring and recruiting.
  • Manage and lead a small support team to ensure team resources are assigned and function effectively delivering on time and quality.
  • Improve organization attractiveness by recommending new policies and practices; monitoring job offers and compensation practices; emphasizing benefits and perks.
  • Pilot: conduct initial screening interviews, telephone interviews, and/or face to face interviews with prospective applicants.
  • Be certain that your organization develops and supports strategies to enhance your organizations diversity recruitment strategy through relationship building.
  • Utilize Applicant Tracking System, online job boards, cold calling plus networking to recruit attract talent to your organization.
  • Develop: implement processes and controls ensuring compliance with all applicable legislative, regulatory, and internal requirements.
  • Enhance and develop quality support methods and communication skills through coaching feedback, and other developmental approaches.
  • Serve as a point of contact to department leaders, department and staff regarding staffing inquiries and needs.
  • Identify: confident, informed opinions, and loosely held in the presence of other equally informed colleagues or data to the contrary.
  • Collect feedback on process outliers due to the productions methods change and take appropriate measure for improvement.
  • Use system reports to track your weekly progress on goal completion and identify bottlenecks in your process.
  • Control: coordination of new employee on boarding and employee exiting processes ordering equipment, collecting equipment, setting up employee ids, etc.
  • Manage: partner with the people and culture operations team to ensure compliance with organization and legislative policies.
  • Ensure you avoid legal challenges by understanding current legislation; enforcing regulations with managers; recommending new procedures; conducting training.
  • Evaluate: review members career related aspirations, concerns, and pending roadblocks through a detailed consultation process.
  • Apply analytical and problem solving skills while advising department leaders, department and staff regarding staffing practices.
  • Create, develop and manage programs for full cycle recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement and development for employees and managers.
  • Ensure you lead and/or provide guidance throughout all stages of organization design, redesign, and restructuring efforts ranging from small changes to large transformations with significant impact.
  • Develop and execute communication programs to ensure that message development and execution are consistent in voice, processes, tools, and services provided to customers.


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