Running a server and maintaining an army of IT personnel is a big headache for most companies.  Application hosting can solve these miseries so that management teams can devote more of their time on the business side of things and less on IT. 

Basically, application hosting is a type of business process outsourcing.  Application software and IT environments of companies will be remotely hosted by a third party application service provider.  Companies opting for this service gain the advantage of reducing operational costs in maintaining a server, installation and maintenance of licensed software, and managing a full department of technology specialists.

Companies pay only for the use of business applications on a per-use basis or more commonly for a fixed monthly fee.   Company financials can be easily managed because expense forecasts related to IT infrastructure are fixed for a set period.  Unforeseen budget disruption can also be eliminated if companies will take advantage of application hosting.  Local server breakdowns or company-wide application crashes will definitely cause budget realignments because of costly repair or reinstallation.  All of these misfortunes can be averted through remote application hosting.

A company can choose from a wide array of application service providers.  This service has been in vogue for many years now. Companies who took advantage of this innovative technology gained an edge in terms of acquiring top of the line technology at minimum costs. 

There is no doubt that information and communication technology is still the vehicle that propels businesses world wide.  A company can get the best out of it through application hosting and software service providers.

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