People take information depending on their moods,
personality, upbringing and thinking style.  It doesn’t
mean that communication can be done wither through
writing or reading.  There are different ways to receive
messages.  While most receive messages better with
written word and others by verbal communication,
some relate best to pictures, graphics or cartoons. 
Business organization should be able to address
change management in different ways as personalities

Pictures or graphics speaks for itself.  Most often times,
it is easier and faster to grasp visuals rather going over
and read articles.  The use of one or two sentences to
support a graphic is enough to explain what it means. 
People in the organization need to be convinced e
specially if change management is being proposed. 
One way of better understanding messages or
communicating them is through graphics.  This
graphics can be presented during meetings, trainings
and can even be part of those posters found in the
business organizations bulletin boards.  The change
management cartoon makes it comfortable for
leaders to disseminate information at the initial
stage for those who resist change.  A person who
resists to change gets to understand the change if
viewed from time to time and gets the meaning
of the message and later become comfortable
about it.

The change management cartoon is an aid to help
management communicate its strategy in a way
hat is entertaining, fun and pictures that completely
speaks for itself.  With the change management
cartoon, management has an easy way of out of
letting information disseminated and without
pushing people to read.  They simply look at
cartoon change management and re-think.

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