Technology (IT) has become an inseparable part of all types of business
organizations, whether it is a manufacturing company or a service provider.
These organizations use IT systems and applications to increase efficiency and
speed of business processes. The only problem is that newer systems and
applications are constantly being designed and it is often financially unviable
for a company to completely overhaul an existing IT system. This often leads to
a situation wherein an organization is forced to use different systems based on
different platforms, which may not be compatible with each other or may not
provide the desired results. The best option then is to implement architecture
oriented service (SOA), all throughout the organization. Architecture oriented
service, once implemented will allow different applications based on different
platforms to interact with each other and function together as a single unit.


oriented service is quite versatile because it can affectively be implemented
in any business process, irrespective of the technology that might be in use
such as REST, RPC, DCOM, CORBA or Web Services. This means that organizations
having architecture-oriented service will not have to reengineer the existing
systems or design a completely new system. By implementing
architecture-oriented service, organizations can save money as well as the
effort that goes into designing a new system from scratch. Another benefit is
that implementing architecture-oriented service is a one-time activity, which
further helps in reducing implementation and related operational costs.

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