Are we an expert or are we “Diploma’d”?



Come on APMG.  It’s time you released more updated information about the ITIL® certification/pathway structure. 


We are fully aware that the new pathway… certification has been released, which I must say is excellent and well over due, but my issue is that there is still uncertainty as to the name that will be attached to the certification. 


Are we experts or we “Diploma’d?” I believe there are issues in some countries about the use of the word diploma.  No worries – if it means that for global consistency reasons, we cannot use Diploma – fine – choose “Expert”.  But please stop giving mixed messages via your website   I regularly check to see what decision has been made in relation to this and as yet nothing new.  I also understand that you still have “time up your sleeve” as the Manager Bridge syllabus has not yet been released, but from and education company perspective, how can we effectively prepare ourselves to offer value and quality programs to our clients if we can’t even tell them what it is we are offering??



Personally I would be happy with the “Expert” title.  However, I also understand that for employees trying to “sell” their qualifications to employers that the word “Diploma” may have more credence. 


Come on APMG – it’s time.


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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