Sharing or Listening to experiences are learning’s.  Attendance to conferences and workshops are ways of gathering new information and updates.  The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) that developed and created the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) do sponsors or cosponsors technical conferences, workshops, and user-group meetings every year.

The CMM conference or workshop is normally a 4 day event.  The Agenda depends on the type of audience for which the conference is intended.  Normally, agenda includes a forum for the CMMI Community to network, the  sharing of the  best practices, activities that require participation  in upgrade training, and information of  future SEI planned activities. A focus topic is the main agenda of the conference.  Topics that relate to improvement process is most likely to be discussed. Slide prsentations are shown for better understanding of any graphical presentation that may be presented. There are also special sessions available that is specifically designed for a collective group.  Oftentimes, certification events that covers the conduct of exam is scheduled throughout the duration of the workshop or conference.

Conferences are aimed to improve the improvement process in software development.  Key note speakers are invited and share their expertise to participants.  The experiences and expertise of practictioners in the field of software development allows participants to gain insight in the enhancement and effectiveness of their methods and techniques.

At the end of the conference, it is expected that new insights have been acquired, networking with CMMI Community has expanded and application of the learning’s will be implemented.

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