Drupal is a free and open source content management system written in PHP programming language.  It is a language that controls software applications.  It is a software package that allows users to publish, manage and organize easily the content of their website in various ways.  Drupal system has powered various types of websites  such as community web portals, discussion sites, corporate web sites,  Intranet applications,  personal web sites or blogs, aficionado sites,  E-commerce applications, resource directories,  social networking sites.

Drupal was released under General Public License (GPL).  Inasmuch as Drupal is free, the GPL grants users of the software the rights of the free software definition and the freedom for users to copy or reproduce a wok.  The software allows the openness for developers to add what they need using modules, thus creating an infinite platform for expansion and growth.

Drupal provides free hosting of website.  This means you don’t need to rent a server or learn how to maintain and keep your website secure.  Drupal offers it free.  As you used opt for the free webhosting service, Drupal has the right to place low key advertising on your pages.  It is their means to generate income to pay for the hosting costs.  Although others who prefer to disable the advertising will need to need to pay a small fee for the hosting service.

Drupal’s free features include the following:

1. Complete free services at no hidden cost.
2. Free Website using yourname.com, .net, .info,etc.
3. Multiple free websites
4. Avail of the 1 GB Free web space
5. Unlimited email ids for used on your website like ([email protected],[email protected]).
6. With hundreds of templates to select for free.
7. Free Technical support.

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