Api gateway provides you with multiple tools to authorize access to your apis and control service operation access, spring cloud aws provides a pre-configured service to resolve the physical stack name based on the logical name. In comparison to, the aws business continuity plan details the process that aws follows in the case of an outage, from detection to deactivation.

Working API

And by giving your customers API keys, aws can handle the throttling quotas and usage reporting, very expensive mistake,Too bad with AWS you only get billing alerts and no complete shutdown when reaching a quota. In comparison to, working with aws service teams to provide insight into customer service usage trends, bugs and feature requests.

Programmatic Services

An api product is a group of api endpoints offered together to satisfy a particular set of related use cases, additionally, you can also query how many requests are made to your API by each Usage Plan. In addition to this, in aws, privilege management is primarily supported by the aws identity and access management (iam) service, which allows you to control user and programmatic access to aws services and resources.

Centrally Solutions

You can use a usage plan to configure throttling and quota limits, which are enforced on individual client API keys, aws secret access key note you strongly suggest you use access and secret keys generated for an identity and access management (iam) user account. In this case, even for large distributed enterprises that use multiple, disparate encryption solutions, keys can be centrally managed.

Using api keys you can also create usage plans which allows you to enable throttling and quota on the apis, one other technique you use is generated API Keys instead of traditional username, password authentication, also, ensure that stack can create all the required resources without hitting the AWS account limits.

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