The Twitter IM or instant messaging function allows you to update your Twitter page using any of the chat communities on the Web.  You can simply use any instant messaging service account as long as you register it on Twitter.

However, the Twitter IM function has experienced numerous glitches ever since it was introduced by the network.  Recently, Twitter executives have announced that the Twitter IM service will be officially down for the moment.  Twitter said that they will have to rebuild this facility and find better ways how to avoid problems with the Twitter IM utility.

The Twitter IM function is one of the most useful tools that can be utilized by Twitter users to make updates easier.  But as the Twitter network grew, the infrastructure for its IM services also suffered.

It is not surprising to see an error message whenever you use the Twitter IM integration.  This problem bugged the Twitter network for many years.  The extent of the problem was confirmed by the recent announcement made by Twitter.

So, if you are actively using Twitter IM facilities, you need to find a better alternative to post updates on your Twitter page.  You can simply log-in to your account and manage your Twitter updates there.

You can also use third party applications which will enable you to post Twitter updates remotely.  You can install these applications on your computer and restart publishing your Twits.  

According to official sources, it could take years to rebuild the Twitter IM facilities.  It is best not to wait for the re-launch of the IM tool because there are still other methods where you can maximize the usefulness of your Twitter account.

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