Determine customer/market requirements through research, customer consideration, and review of parts usage reports and apply information to product sourcing and supplier identification for customer product inquiries and purchase requisitions.

More Uses of the Balanced Scorecard Toolkit:

  • Oversee: research market intelligence and competitor offerings on assigned commodity groups, remain current on all products available or forthcoming to the market and proactively source existing and new parts and identify appropriate suppliers.
  • Warrant that your organization assesses market development strategy and industry trends as appropriate, leading to the generation of innovative ideas to improve current business plan and achieve desired results.
  • Organize capex, capitalization, non capitalization associated to the IT portfolio and oversee operational execution of the strategic initiative framework.
  • Analyze portfolio activities, expenses, benefits, establishing goals and communicating strategy throughout your organization and participate as an active member of the IT Leadership team.
  • Identify: an individual of highest personal and professional integrity, principle and knowledge, earning respect and support when making difficult decisions and choices.
  • Warrant that your organization uses a fact based, analytical, systems thinking approach to assessing and designing solutions by gathering input from various sources and considering the impact of decisions.
  • Adopt a systematic approach to identify, analyze and bring about improvements to existing processes and optimization of business requirements.
  • Develop, gather and analyze statistical data to establish key organizational quality metrics related to the Balanced Scorecard and perform periodical review to evaluate trends and results.
  • Be certain that your organization meets personal goals and actively contributes to the achievement of team and organizational targets/goals as reflected on the Balanced Scorecard, strategic plan, and department SMART goals.
  • Methodize: coworker relationships interacting with others in a way that builds openness, trust, and confidence in the pursuit of organizational goals and lasting relationships.
  • Govern: through prioritization based on your overall aligned direction, leaders focus resources on things that are most relevant for your organization and communities served.
  • Ensure you do cument; lead delivery of and accurate reporting of Procurement Balanced Scorecard measures and Value Contribution targets operational metrics, savings, quality etc.
  • Ensure you challenge; build and lead a highly solution oriented team that is proactive in anticipating business needs and outcomes providing the business with viable solutions.
  • Analyze and compare your organizations product offering to competitor offerings and recommend new product additions for expansion of current product lines.
  • Ensure associate and supervisory staff have proper access to the necessary tools to perform assigned duties and that the tools are routinely accounted for and adequately maintained.
  • Be certain that your organization develops a dashboard/Balanced Scorecard with metrics to drive operational efficiencies (while enhancing staff satisfaction and customer service, resources permitting).
  • Put concepts into action; activity based costing/management, Balanced Scorecard, bench marking techniques, best practices, key performance indicators.
  • Coordinate with staff across your organization to secure buy in and participation from all levels throughout implementation and execution of strategic initiatives.
  • Manage the overall planning, control, status reporting, stability and delivery of the IT project portfolio to ensure delivery on plan to time, cost and quality.
  • Organize: balance technical aptitude and business understanding to develop innovative business solutions to staffing and servicing customers based on needs and behaviors.
  • Be certain that your organization meets personal goals and actively contributes to the achievement of team and organizational targets/goals as stated on the Balanced Scorecard and in the annual plan.
  • Oversee: monitor operational metrics, identify and research trends and anomalies to identify process improvement and cost savings opportunities across the distribution.
  • Facilitate continuous improvement conversations at all levels throughout your organization and meet with impacted departments concerning goals, priorities and technical concerns.
  • Be certain that your organization provides input into annual marketing and sales plan; develops and maintains business relationships with customers, and develops new business partners and alliances for the branch.
  • Warrant that your organization meets personal goals and actively contributes to the achievement of the team and organizational/targets/goals as stated on the Balanced Scorecard in the annual plan.


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