Since Dr. Robert Kaplan and Dr. David Norton introduced in the early 1990s on how the balanced scorecard approach can offer a lot of benefits in doing business, certain institutions were formed that aims to develop ways on how to improve the concept as time goes by. They just got interested on how promising the balanced scorecard approach is and gave their full attention in presenting innovations to properly implement it. One of these is the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

As a Strategy Management Group company, the Balanced Scorecard Institute provides training programs and consulting services to any organization that would like to know more about the principles behind the balanced scorecard approach. Be it a corporate, government, commercial or non-profit organization, it really does not matter. It is all about the application of best practices, and measurement of strategic performance and change management plans to meet certain business objectives.

Aside from facilitation and consulting services, the Balanced Scorecard Institute provides public and on-site courses. They also introduce the tools being used for the balanced scorecard approach in transforming strategic plans into organizational successes. They also conceptualize certain methodologies that companies can use as a guide in implementing the balanced scorecard. One of which is the critically acclaimed Nine Steps to Success balanced scorecard methodology, which is a more disciplined approach in developing successful management systems. The institute also maintains its own web site that serves as a useful resource that everyone can take advantage of to gain the needed information and best practices for the balanced scorecard approach in building goal-driven and customer advocate individuals within the organization.

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