Balanced Scorecard Wiki: Increased Collaboration Means Increasing Productivity

The wiki technology can be very useful for the application of balanced scorecard in an enterprise. A balanced scorecard wiki application will qualitatively improve the levels of intra-company communication processes.

Wiki is a flexible program that enables individual users to freely change the content of a website using only standard Internet browser. Users can add content, correct a text, add a live link, or completely create a new web page through the browser. The Wikepedia Online Encyclopedia is an example of a wiki technology. The wiki software can be installed on the server of a company and deployed on its Intranet. The wiki platform then can be a good vehicle to publish the balanced scorecard metrics and plans. Being a people-centered, performance driven management methodology, the balanced scorecard strategy map and general design should be accessible to the whole enterprise. This will unify the actions of the whole company because of a common language and will motivate individual employees to perform their assigned tasks. The balanced scorecard metrics formulated by the management team can also be made accessible to individual employees at the click of a mouse. Group communication will definitely be enhanced and the open editing system will speed up the process of evaluation because accomplished tasks can be instantly uploaded to the wiki.

Balanced scorecard wiki uses the open source method of wiki technology to serve as a collaboration hub of the company in implementing the balanced scorecard system. The combination of two systems could greatly improve productivity levels because of increased awareness of employees on the overall plans of the company. Wiki also creates an environment that could eliminate bureaucratic methods which is essential for faster and successful implementation of plans and strategies.


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