In order to transform itself into a more technically advanced force that is nimble enough to quickly and decisively respond to any type of operation they might encounter, the United States army did extensive research with regards to the implementation matters of using a balanced scorecard initiative in their entire organization. The amount of work they invested has been quite worth it, for now the collaborative of the balanced scorecard and the United States Army has been able to successfully provide the technology as well as the consulting support that is needed in order to implement the scorecard itself. In just a little over two years since it was first implemented, the United States Army was able to do a three hundred sixty degree turn around, transforming itself into a strategy focused institute that has also been inducted into the hall of fame of the balanced scorecard world.

This balanced scorecard, which the United States Army was successful in implementing, is simply a newly redesigned concept that was able to measure whether or not the activities of any particular company (in this case, the many different activities of the United States Army) was able to meet and attain its objectives while keeping along the lines of their organization ‘s vision and strategy. Its utility in the United States Army is not just limited to the improvements in the said organization ‘s financial outcomes, but also in addressing their human issues as well. Thus, the balanced scorecard is able to help provide the United States Army with a more detailed view of their business aspect of their organization as well as creating effects of change in the members of their group by making them act to the best of their long term interests.

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