PC testing software is a handy tool to keep computers in top condition.  It is used to maintain workstations whether at home or at the office.  There are two varieties of PC testing programs. One is designed to scan and check the integrity of PC hardware and all its physical components and peripherals.  The other type of testing application is designed to diagnose both the hardware and software configuration of computers.  By installing PC testing software, users would be able to determine issues or bugs that could affect the performance of their computers. 

Standard PC testing software is capable of troubleshooting problems caused by incorrect configuration, damaged programs and corrupted applications.  The software will scan every part of the computer and will run a diagnostic test to determine if they are working according to specifications.  Any anomaly that will be detected will be logged and displayed on the interface which could be used for repairs and reprogramming. 

These types of applications are getting popular because they lower maintenance cost and reduce inconvenient downtimes of workstations.  Testing software is also used by computer parts manufacturers before they roll out the product in the market.  It ensures that the finished hardware would be free from defects and will pass the quality standards set by the computer industry.  Remote help desks and virtual PC assistants also utilize testing software to answer the need of computer users.  Help desk personnel can execute the program from their remote location and scan the configuration of client workstation.  This saves time and speeds up service for a more efficient troubleshooting of system errors. 

Electronic products that use microprocessors are now required to have self test software installed on its system.  This is to ensure that the central processing unit of the product will be capable of executing automated testing.  This secures consumers from the hazards of hardware troubles or failures and ensures the integrity of the program installed in it.  That is why auto detection and self test applications are now common features of every electronic gadget. 

On personal computers, self test software can be initiated manually or automatically.  A scheduler application will be needed in order to execute testing commands if the software will be configured to run in automatic mode.  Self test software is a PC maintenance tool that belongs to the family of diagnostic programs.  This is a very useful tool both for home and power PC users.  It eliminates guesswork whenever hardware or software trouble arises.  It can also be used by maintenance personnel to get accurate data about issues bugging their computer systems.

Certified software testers normally use this kind of application to simplify their work.  The margins for diagnostic errors will also be reduced several self test software installed on the system.  It makes PC maintenance efficient and eliminates costly unnecessary repairs.  There are many self test programs available in the software market.  For home users, they can use simple self test software that can diagnose basic PC troubles.  For server and enterprise class implementation, self test programs must have the capability for multiple systems tests and diagnostics.  IT environments have complicated structure that is why a more advanced self test and diagnostic application would be needed.

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