The International Software Testing Qualifications Board or ISTQB is among the many groups offering international qualification for software testers. Their certification is called as the ISTQB Certified Tester. This is now the standardized qualification used for software testers. This certification is based on a multiple-choice type of exam which covers the content of their syllabus that can be freely downloaded from the Internet. There are many levels of ISTQB certification and among these is the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level or more commonly called as the ISTQB Foundation Level.

Compared to other Certified Tester levels, the ISTQB Foundation Level examination is theoretical in nature. It requires all the knowledge about the software development especially in the software testing field.

The ISTQB Foundation Level is the first level in the Certified Tester examinations. That is why there is no pre-requisite needed in order to take this. However, other Certified Tester levels like the Advanced Level requires the passing of the ISTQB Foundation Level before it can be taken.

The exam for ISTQB Foundation level can be taken with a payment of $250. There are offered courses before the different ISTQB exams can be taken. Over 30 countries worldwide have the special ISTQB Certified Tester courses and these are considered the best tool in preparation for any ISTQB Certified Tester examination levels.

No one can tell whether the exam is tough or not. But about 80 percent of examinees pass the test yearly. There is therefore a bigger percentage of passing the ISTQB Foundation Level but preparation is still the best tool for that. Besides, there is still the 20 percent of candidates who did not pass the certification and this figure is quite big for a possibility.

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