Risk management practices will help you in making your own strategy. These are the list
of common practices done in risk management.

1. Everybody should be a risk manager! Encourage the whole staff in becoming a
risk manager. This is building an organizational philosophy and society where
everybody is responsible in contributing better solutions.  Some even think that
developing this approach is better than any extensive procedures. By gathering
your team and staff that knows the work so well, you will be able to develop new
and creative approaches to deal with the problem. In this way, the members of the
team will have a sense of responsibility and giving them power to manage safety.

2. Inspire your staff. Project managers should inspire the member to always seek
excellence in whatever they do. By having  good communication with your staff,
you will be able to deal with their concerns and give solution to it.

3. You should involve all your staff in activities of risk management such as
meetings and conferences.

4. Penalties can also be initiated in risk management, especially in areas wherein
unsafe practices often occur. This strategy can be done if dangerous practices
result to death.

5. By organizing a risk management department in your office, you can encourage
and support people to be a risk manager. Training them will also help to ensure
safety in any department.
6. Reward your employees! Giving incentives is a good way to boost their
confidence and encourage them to do better. This is to prove that by doing a great
job, a reward awaits them.

7. And lastly, you can set post inspirational notes on mirrors that says: “ This is a
picture of a risk manager” . This is to remind people that everybody can be safety

So by following these guidelines and practices, you will create a good working
environment and establish a pleasant relationship with your colleagues.


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