To create a landing page, online marketers will essentially use several important web technologies.  These things will be the basic tools in creating a landing page for Internet marketing business.  

The first tool would be the website builder.  A website design application is important because landing pages are actually single web pages.  There are lots of web building and design applications available for this purpose.  For the non-technical Internet marketer, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WSIWYG) editor would be the best.  This web design program allows users to create websites without HTML coding.  

The second tool needed to create a landing page is an FTP application.  An FTP program allows web designers to easily upload their pages on the Internet through their desktop.  It can be used once the landing page is ready to be published.  Most web building software has a built-in FTP program.  However, stand alone FTP applications offer flexibility and they are also easy to use than the built-in programs.

Another must have when creating a landing page is a web host.  Web hosts provide space on the Internet.  The landing page will be uploaded on the servers of the web hosts so that it can go live on the Internet.  Web hosting is very cheap nowadays so the cost would not pose a big problem.

Finally, a landing page should have a domain name.  This is the address of the page on the Internet.  It is best to create a domain name containing the main keywords of the landing page.  Some web hosting solutions offer packaged deals such as secured hosting with a dedicated domain name.

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