A Web 2.0 designer needs to understand that it is easy to create a website. All it takes is learning about designing, creativity and patience. However, the important question at the end is that “Has the website designer created a high quality and effective website?”

Tips and tricks

A Web 2.0 designer must always keep his websites simple. Simplicity means that he would use as few features as possible to achieve what needs to be done. Why is this so? The user’s attention is limited. Therefore, a designer must keep in mind that the more stuff there is in the screen, the less likely the user will notice the more important features. If noise can be minimized, then better do so. The important thing is that the Web 2.0 designer conveys his message across as simply and as economically as possible.

How to simplify?

A Web 2.0 designer must know two important factors for simplification. First, he needs to remove the not important components without sacrificing the effectiveness of the site. Second, he must also think of simpler alternative designs that could achieve the same results. Simplicity means that if he can use lesser pixels, then the better. 

The Web 2.0 designer must also look at areas of the page that has less relevance and make it less visually appealing. He must add more visual details such as lines, words and color to those areas that are communicating more relevant information.

Simplicity is just one of the factors that a Web 2.0 designer has to consider when creating a website. There are also other factors to think about but simplicity comes in the forefront.

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