The Information Technology industry does not just deal with hardware, software and network components. There is also the ‘business and management’ part to it that a lot of people may not be aware of. To stay on top of your game in the ever-changing world of Information Technology, you need to apply some fundamental business principles in order to keep up with the competition and IT asset management is one way that you can use. So what is IT asset management? This is simply the idea of getting to the core of your IT business’ values – which includes cost management, quality control and establishing the integrity and quality of the IT infrastructure. You can actually use an IT asset management software to realize these business goals.

When looking for an IT asset management software to buy, make sure that it can perform any or all of the following tasks. First, the very basic asset management software keeps track of your network components and performs an inventory of it. These network components include laptops and desktops, servers, as well as handheld or mobile devices. Second, a good IT management software should be able to track the usage of various software applications within your organization. Another useful feature is alerting the IT manager whenever critical information is used and accessed within the network. Other useful features include web reporting, automatic network discovery, date export options, auditing of Internet activity, hardware inventory, bandwidth monitoring and similar functionalities. With an IT asset management software, you can keep better track of all the components within the network to ensure its smooth and flawless operation.