When you are creating a web log using the Twitter, you will immediately be provided the chance to create your own, personalized URL (uniform resource locator) that will make your web log uniquely identifiable.  

The URL address that you will be making shall have the twitter domain as part of its identification.  Therefore, you need to have a very good plan in making your URL because it is being tied up to your personal account.  

Below are some of the wise tips that you can use to create a ranking URL Twitter address:

a.    Make sure that your URL is unique from the rest of the other URL addresses.  There are sites that you can visit to check on the uniqueness of your URL address.  From there, different suggestions shall be given to you in order to make it a little more unique.  The more unique your URL is, the more likely it shall generate better ranking.
b.    Make sure that your URL is not too long or too short.  Too long URLs are very hard to remember.  When they are hard to remember, it is most likely that visitors will not try to remember visiting it.  In the same regards, too short URLs are also disadvantageous because they are easily being hacked and scammed; more so, they tend to be the target of being misrouted to a false site.  
c.    Make sure that you create a URL that is highly personalized.  When you put a little personal touch on your URL, your URL will more likely be remembered by the visitors.

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