Name: Michael Wedemeyer

Role: Learning and Development Specialist

Company: The Art of Service

Mission: To beat my blog….by taking an “everyday activity” and relating it to ITIL®!


Blog Entry 001 – The Cat’s in the tree…


When was the last time you heard of the police or the fire department race to the rescue of a little old lady’s cat that’s caught in a tree?  In fact, I have to ask you – is this just some Urban legend….Police Academy myth – or do the emergency services really waste their time doing that?  What ITIL® processes do you think would relate to this project/activity… let’s unpack that shall we….

First – for it to be part of the lifecycle approach to continual service improvement – they would have to acknowledge that they can always do better – and look for better ways – I ask you – how many different ways can you get a cat out of the tree?

1.         Capacity Management – do they have enough Emergency services to potentially manage the aging population of little old ladies who will buy kittens for company?   What research and development will they do to ascertain this? – Pet shop surveys add Zimmer Frames to their CMDB? Will status accounting help them in this instance?

2.         Release and Deployment management – (so many thoughts here)- is this where they practise by releasing the cats and then deploy the new rookies to go rescue?  And if they didn’t do it successfully, will they roll back  and put the cat back in the tree??  Enough said here…

3.         IT Service Continuity Management – so what happens in the event that all the cats go down? – do we have a response team to jump into hot standby and put cats into the tree, just to justify having a continuity plan?  Can this also be defined as a “CATastrophe? (sorry – couldn’t resist)

4.         Incident Management – so incident – cat in tree – little old lady rings Service desk – logged and known error matched.  Service Desk response “ I need to run through a few steps with you.  Now- have you checked to make sure that the cat is really in the tree?  Can you tell me what you see in the tree… ah hah…yep…. Right, now can you try and shake the tree – sometimes the cat can come loose by shaking… ah hah  yep.. right… well I don’t think I can help you remotely, I am going to have to pass this on to 2nd line support.  In the meantime as a work around, if you ring this number when needed, you will hear a recorded message of a cat meowing and purring.  Is there anything else I can help you with? Were you happy with the service i provided today? – thankyou – have a great day!”

5.         Service CATalogue Management – I’m not going to even go here – this is too easy!


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service



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