The Sun Certified Java Programmer (or SCJP) exam focuses on language syntax and J2SE. Whizlabs offers exam emulators for those who are interested in the SCJP accreditation. (Actually, Whizlabs is not limited to SCJP accreditation only, but also deals with many other certifications in IT world. It just so happens they also offer an SCJP 1.4 exam simulator too.)
They offer SCJA, SCJP, SCWCD, SCBCD 5.0, SCBCD, SCEA, SCMAD, and SCDJWS for Sun Certifications; RAD, J2EE, and WebSphere for IBM Certifications; PMP for PMI Certifications; ITIL® certification; and many more.
It is amazing though that a staggering 99.7% of examinees succeeded for the last 6 years by using Whizlabs preparation kits. These kits feature quick revision notes, different types of mock exams, an interactive quiz, comprehensive reports and thorough explanations.
Whizlabs guarantees that their products include an Unconditional 150% Test Pass that will give you the opportunity to refund your full payment (100%) for their product, plus receive a 50% discount upon availing of another preparation kit set from Whizlabs. This guarantee is available for single license only (not for corporate use.)
Whizlabs spares you from feeling the crippling anxiety and fears you might feel in the certification process. Whizlabs is also aware of the time, effort and money an exam taker loses when reviewing and training for certifications, which is why Whizlabs offers this great guarantee.
Another great offer from Whizlabs comes with its offer of Whizlabs SCJP 1.4 Exam Simulator 6.0.1 which is downloadable from the Internet into your computer (for the free trial version.) The full version costs $44.95 which is inclusive of their unconditional 150% guarantee. Whizlabs features intelligent reporting, adaptive testing and in-depth customization  containing 12 full length simulated exams (mock version) and 840 interactive questions (based on the real pattern of SCJP exam.)

In a world of computer technology, the demand for peopleware has been increasing.  As company delivers services to its customers, they also look into how they can improve them and same time earn good profits.  Companies hire the best people in the IT industry to their thing.  And it pays to be considered one of the best.

To be certified is just like getting a license.  You are granted a license because you are considered eligible to perform activities and  you are considered to be equipped with expertise in the performance of your skills.  In programming today, there is this new language called java programming. Java programming was introduced by Sun technologies. Java programming language syntax is derived from C and C++ and it has a simpler object model and has few low-level facilities. The Java applications are basically compiled to byte code and can be run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM) without considering the computer architecture.

To acquire the skills and expertise in the application of Sun technologies is to become a Sun Certified Programmer. It is a professional certification program that allows an individual to acquire the skill set in Sun technologies, especially in the Java programming language and Solaris Operating Systems.

Just like in any profession, there is need for an individual to have certain specialization in his or her skills.  Take advantage of getting this certification and passed.  Be recognized as one of the best and excel.

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