A Server administrator is somebody that the owner of the server has assigned to administer the company’s server.  Company owners can be server administrators but most owners would delineate this task to someone who is an expert in the field of server administration.

Server Administrators are recognized as leaders in the daily operations and management of Windows Server 2008.  MCITP Server Administrator is one of the MCITP certification programs offered by Microsoft.  It is a credential for those who pass the program to demonstrate and communicate their ability to administer Windows Server 2008 systems and increase their organization’s return on technology investment.

Getting certified as MCITP Server Administrator provides you the opportunity of developing your skills in your current position or expand your career and take new roles such as Windows server administrator, Server systems administrator, Monitoring operator, and Network administrator.

The MCITP credential is the leading certification for Windows Server 2008. It is a certification designed for IT professionals who want to be recognized as leaders and problem solvers in a current or future role in an organization that uses Windows Server 2008.

A candidate must pass three exams to earn the MCITP Server Administrator certification.  The candidate should take two MCTS exam a prerequisite exam prior to taking the MCITP.  Only one Professional Series exam is needed. MCTS exam covers exam on Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring and
Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring.  MCITP exam covers exam on Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator.

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