There are several steps you need to follow if you’re just starting with WordPress.  These steps could help you in creating a well-designed blog with well-crafted posts.  

First, make sure you read the documentations provided by WordPress.  These documentations can be found at its homepage and are linked to specific how-to articles.  By reading WordPress documentations, you will know its unique features, how to add functionality, and how to tweak the performance of your blog.

Second, always create a basic plan for your blogging.  Even if you’re publishing a personal site, it would be very useful to set a direction for your blog.  You must set a schedule for your writing activity.  You should also determine how many pages you should create and set specific topical categories for your articles.
You’re now ready to install or set-up WordPress.  If you have a dedicated hosting service and domain, you can install WordPress on your server.  If you want WordPress to host your blog, then use the web-based interface and choose a sub-domain for it.  You can also install WordPress on your desktop and use FTP to transfer file on your server or third party host.

Finally, start designing your WordPress blog and post your first article.  You can use templates or, if you know HTML, you can design your own theme.  Writing a post is similar to writing in Word because of its default text editor.

There are still many features and functionalities you can use on WordPress.  Just keep on blogging and you will discover the advanced tools of WordPress.

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