Having knowledge and skills on Microsoft SQL Server is not enough for career advancement. The person should also be able to prove his potential to the prospect employers. And this can only be effectively done through getting a certification as an SQL Server Database Administrator or DBA. Officially, this certification is called as the Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. Professionals who are interested to get this certification should be familiar with the Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

The certification exam is composed of one elective exam and three core exams. All of these include sections to validly and reliably measure one’s potential and skills on handling the Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

The three core exams needed to pass are the SQL Server administration exam as well as the SQL Server design exam. Included to these three is the passing of either Windows Server 2003 exam or Windows 2000 Server exam. Aside from these, one elective exam should be passed, which will determine the examinee’s expertise on certain server products of Microsoft.

Professionals who want to ensure a passing mark on the SQL Server DBA certification exam can take review methods like classroom trainings, using books, and enrolling in Microsoft E-Learning. Each of the exams in this certification have specialized trainings and reviews so potential examinees can just choose among the many options. These include the SQL Server Administration, SQL Server Design, and Networking Systems.

Aside from reviewing, the examinee should also prepare for the examination fee, which will incur about some hundreds of dollars. Depending on the training method that the examinee will use, the total expenses for the review and exam will be as high as a thousand dollars.

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