Software testing is a technical investigation perform to software system which will  assure customers and informed them as to the quality of the product or service  undergone to test its use or opearation.  This covers the execution program or application to detect software bugs prior to release to the market. There are many certification programs that support the aspirations of professionals  who are   software testers and quality asusrance specialists  Yet, there is no certification that requires an applicant to demonstrate the test software ability, some companies prefer software developers to have adept knowldege in software testing.

To demonstrate this software ability is to be certified.  The ISTQB Certified Tester is one of the organizations that provide program certification for software testers.  Being ISTQB Certified proves the individual’s mastery of the best practices and knowledge of the key concepts in the software-testing field.  It helps individual advanced its career and creates more opportunities in a competitive job market.  In fact, some organizations sponsors of sending their people to go ISTQB training and take the ISTQB exam in order to be ISTQB Certified.  You can become ISTQB Certified, once you have passed any or all of the ISTQB Certification level, namely Foundation, Advanced and Expert.  Each level has their pre-requisites in order for an individual to sit and take the ISTQB Exam.  An ISTQB Certification is issued to those who have passed the exam criteria.

A product or service having tested by ISTQB Certified personnel proves that quality test has been performed. Management has the assurance of a reduced risk and lowers the cost of poor quality.

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