Many Internet users use WordPress software because it is simple, free and an open source type.  There is always an upgrade, additions or improvements to the software. Moreover, Internet users can select from many templates to enable them to customize their site and are not restricted from making some changes in it unlike other software blogs. Before choosing WordPress software, Internet users must be aware of the limitations and the benefits attached to it.

What are its limitations?

First, WordPress software does not allow advertising. If the website is selling some products or services, then this is not like Google Adsense. Having a link to Amazon is great but not more than that. To be able to display advertisements, Internet users need to purchase VIP hosting.
Second, sponsored and paid posts are not allowed. If bloggers want to earn money via paid reviews then WordPress is not for them.

Third,  WordPress has limited theme customisation, no plugin uploads and no WP Code hacking.

What are its benefits?

First, it is free for people who like just the idea of blogging. WordPress is a great way to share thoughts and ideas with readers.

Second,  WordPress can survive traffic spikes inspite of huge traffic increases. Internet users need not worry that the shared hosting site would crash.

Third, there is no more problem with spam since these are blocked automatically. If there are WordPress upgrades, then Internet users need not go through the upgrade routine because this is done automatically.

Fourth, WordPress is quite simple that even a kid can start blogging. For those who just like to blog and do not have an idea what GTML, CSS and PHP are, then WordPress is definitely the answer.

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