VMware, Inc. is a software developing company that specializes in creating different desktop software and server software. Among the many programs it has produced is the VMware Workstation, a virtual machine software device. But just like many other software companies, VMware beta applications are being released before the official release of the software. One may ask what VMware beta is and what are its benefits for both the users and the software developer.

The VMware, Inc. does an initial round or in-house testing of all the products it produces. After this in-house testing, VMware, Inc. releases that program version for free to be tested by the public. But it should be noted that this is not the official release of that software. That free version is called the beta version or the VMware beta. Some beta software can be noted with the “b” in their version number.

Releasing the VMware beta is needed since the software developer could not possibly test the VMware software under all possible circumstances. If the VMware beta is released to the public, it is expected that more users will be able to assess the software and report possible flaws on the application that were not uncovered during the in-house testing. That’s the benefit of VMware beta for the software developer. The user, on the other hand, can also enjoy the first and free full version of the application. However, the VMware beta users should expect to run the beta software into bugs since this is not the final and fully scrutinized version of the software. These bugs can be as simple as those that may seem not to affect the computer to those bugs that may cause the computer to crash.

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