Just in every undertaking, you need to be acknowledged or at least recognize for the things that you do.  In IT, professionals are recognized after having passed an examination that allows one to be a certified It professional for Microsoft.  Anybody cannot just come out and say that he or she is knowledgeable in Microsoft and can contract services with other companies without being certified.

To be a MCP member is to passed the Microsoft certification exam that will support a valid and reliable measure of the professional’s technical proficient and expertise. As you passed the examination you have become a member of Microsoft and allows you to become a part of the member secured site.  The Member website is designed for access to members only.  And it offers the following features:

1.  A tool that allows member to create and download custom
     credential logos 2.  A copy of the member’s Official Microsoft Certification
     transcript 3.  An access to member’s contact preferences and profile 4.  An enrollment tool for Microsoft Certified Trainer 5.  A welcome kit and certificate information for MCPs 6.  Informative articles and offers for MCPs

As an MCP member you need to be abreast of what is happening among your colleagues in the profession.  As an MCP member you are given the opportunity to network with your colleagues in the profession and that includes sharing experiences, accomplishments and new learnings. You tend to be updated through these sharing of information that would guide you as you exercise your profession.

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