In a world where everything is run by computers, the
demand for knowledge in IT management is needed. 
There is a rapid growth in changing technology and
organizations should be abreast with the changes in
order to keep at par with other organizations or excel
in the delivery of their goods and services.  Organizations
should have an understanding of the importance of using
information technology to gain success and have a
competitive advantage.  It is not enough that
organizations do know how to use computers; they
should know how to use the tools to handle problem
solving and increased productivity.  IT Management
course is not about programming, it is managing
organization’s IT.

Some of the IT Management course offers participants
the following:
1.  To provide participants an understanding of IT
     and E-business framework of business organizations.
2.  To provide tools that will enable participants to
     understand the functions and practices of Chief
     Information Officer (CIO) and IT managers.
3.  To enable participants to identify the environment
     factors that affects international business.
4.  To explain why companies engaged in outsourcing
     and off shoring IT and information systems.
5.  To provide participants focus on the best practices,
     tools and models to carry out an effective IT
     management system.
6.  To be able to provide participants a knowledge
     in the creation of IT systems blueprint that would
    support business processes

It pays to know how your IT should be managed
and the tools necessary to handle problems.  It is
also through the attendance of IT Management course
that organizations would have find it easier to decide
on matters relating to IT and its effect in the business

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