Submission Data File System (SDF) was created to maintain the development, maintenance and validation an application of SAS programs that are necessary to create Submission Data Files. This system influences numerous main technologies that produce benefits such as:

1. This allows joint working when even if programmers are located in different areas, sites and countries. 2. Implements a hierarchical structure in directory that assures to be reliable in data standards, development sites, products, remedial areas, analysis and indications. 3. It speeds up the withdrawal or the extraction of data from CDMS (Clinical Data Management System) by using similar processing technology. 4. It also controls the access of data by using electronic/ automated management of security groups of UNIX. 5. It will decrease the resources needed and time required to create SDFs 6. it mechanically produces quality control tests in every program.

These are just some of the major benefits of this system. SDF tools are utilized to alter and transform the data. This contains information that illustrates the content and as well as the structure of SDFs. Along with it, it includes column mappings. With a row based transformation, it can function on columns on a particular row of a dataset. This system also initiates the idea of Publish and Subscribe that permits Standard Tools to be put up. This can give you the authority to control the main qualities in a single tool. SDF tools are employed to generate SAS programs that are applied in the system to produce physical SDF datasets.

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