You can not afford delays in your production.  You need to beat the time and date you have committed to deliver the company’s product or services. Due to unavoidable instances, a problem during production and you need to account for this incident.

One of the components of ITIL® Service Support is the Incident Management.  It is in this process where management should be able to restore the service to normal operation following an incident.  Activities involve in handling Incident management are as follows:

1.   To be able to detect and record incident in detail 2.   To be able to match incidents versus known problems 3.   To be able to resolve incidents as soon as possible 4.   To be able to prioritize incidents with respect to impact
       and need 5.   To be able to bring to the attention to other teams the
      incident for appropriate timely resolution

Software is made available as a tool for handling incident management problems.  The following are some of benefits that the software provides: 1.  It allows management to gather information as to the
     real time and historical data of what transpired. 2.  It allows identification as to the bottlenecks in terms of
     performance 3.  It speeds up the restoration of the operation as causes
     of incidents can be clearly identified 4.  It minimizes the recurrence of incidents by informing IT
     users of the impact that the incident has caused to the

The use of Incident Management tools with your organization would yield great benefit in terms of maintaining the service levels, meeting the service availability requirements, increasing the efficiency and productivity of staff and most importantly improving user’s satisfaction.

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