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So. It’s 6 months since our carrier pigeon service has been implemented.  The SLM has been constantly reporting on the achievements of this service and getting feedback form the users/customers.  What has become glaringly obvious is the replacement rate of pigeons… this has had huge impact on availability, finances and service desk calls.  It has been decided by SLM that a Service Improvement Plan (SIP) needs to be implemented to improve this service.   To do this the following CSI processes are to be utilized:


Service Measurement and Reporting

As noted above, data from all other processes has been collated and analysed, and presented to the Business.  It is this data which is driving CSI   although the CEO is raving about the service (it may have something to do with him having the fastest, largest, “bees knees” of carrier pigeons), but none the less, he is happy.  But he is also aware of the issues the users are experiencing through the data presented to him.


CSI Process

In order to improve the pigeon service we need to look at the original vision – a more cost effective and efficient way of delivering messages. Hmmmm…  By using the 7 step improvement model, we start to see that we can improve  this service by ……double hmmmm…. Going back to Outlook????  Ah.. the full cycle continues….




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