Web analysis is very useful in measuring whether marketing campaigns are getting positive results or not. In web analysis site behavior is studied so that effective campaigns can be known and site performance can be improved.

In case of e-stores and other websites that sell products, this study so useful in examining the conversion rate of the sites’ landing pages. By studying certain indicators monitored by web analytics technologies, performance is ascertained. As to whether which technologies deliver the most accurate results, it would really depend which indicators are needed by the enterprise. Each method would have its own advantage over the other as well.

While web analytics has originated as a simple on-site visitor measurement, web analytics today has become more of a marketing indicator. What started as a mere visitor counter can now be as intricate as page tagging or be a hybrid of methods. It can also be primarily administered by third party vendors.

The most common indicators measured by web analytics are the number of hits, of new visitors and repeat visitors among others. Visibility time is also an important indicator. This measurement refers to the length of time a visitor stays on a page or how long a page is viewed.

Visitors who don’t even stay a minute in a page surely aren’t interested on what he found or saw in it. If the page was a landing page, this only means that it is not a very effective landing page. It should be discarded and more effective ones should be retained and further improved to achieve more sales for the enterprise.

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