Big Data fueling Enterprise Agility
Legacy Rides The Elephant
Journey to the world with NO Mainframes..
Why Hadoop and Why Now?
Cost reduction
Alleviate performance bottlenecks 
ETL too expensive and complex
Mainframe and Data Warehouse processing Hadoop

Traditional enterprises lack of awareness

Leverage the growing support system for Hadoop
Make Hadoop the data hub in the Enterprise
Use Hadoop for processing batch and analytic jobs
The Classic Enterprise Challenge
The Sears Holdings Approach
The Architecture
Enterprise solutions using Hadoop must be an eco-system

Large companies have a complex environment:
Transactional system
EDW and Data marts
Reporting tools and needs

We needed to build an entire solution
The Sears Holdings Architecture
PiG/Hadoop Ecosystem
The Learning
We can dramatically reduce batch processing times for mainframe and EDW
We can retain and analyze data at a much more granular level, with longer history
Hadoop must be part of an overall solution and eco-system
We developed tools and skills -The learning curve is not to be underestimated
We developed experience in moving workload from expensive, proprietary mainframe and EDW platforms to Hadoop with spectacular results
Some Examples
Use-Cases at Sears Holdings
The Challenge -Use-Case #1
The Result -Use-Case #1
The Challenge -Use-Case #2
The Result -Use-Case #2
The Challenge -Use-Case #3
The Result -Use-Case #3
The Challenge -Use-Case #4
The Result -Use-Case #4
Summary of Benefits
Hadoop can revolutionize Enterprise workload and make business agile
Can reduce strain on legacy platforms
Can reduce cost
Can bring new business opportunities

Must be an eco-system
Must be part of an data overall strategy
Not to be underestimated
The Horizon -What do we need next?
Automation tools and techniques that ease the Enterprise integration of Hadoop

Educate traditional Enterprise IT organizations about the possibilities and reasons to deploy Hadoop

Continue development of a reusable framework for legacy workload migration
Legacy Modernization Made Easy!

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