IT (information technology) is a career field that is always changing, often in sudden and surprising ways.  For example, you never know when a new type of technology is going to “pop-up” and rewrite all the rules, or completely shift the focus of the industry.  Big Data is one such up-and-coming area of growth.  But what makes Big Data “extra special” is its’ very nature.  In fact, if you get certified in Big Data now, you’ll quickly find yourself with more money in your pocket and a better job in the very near future (read on to discover how and why).

You see, Big Data is both an opportunity as well as a problem.  How could this be, you ask?   In the same way that the Earth’s human population is always growing, so is the total amount of Data that comes with it.   Quite simply, Big Data could have triggered a crisis because there’s too much information being collected, with no where for it to go.   What happens when data or information piles into a system beyond its capacity to handle it?  Well, if you’re familiar with DDoS attacks (where many thousands or millions of communication requests are sent in order to disrupt the servers of a targeted group or business) then you basically already understand how and why there is weakness.  Big Data is potentially dangerous in almost exactly the same way as an organized DDoS attack, by virtue of the fact that there’s too much information for the services, system or infrastructure to process.

Luckily, we’ve been able to develop solutions for Big Data which will allow us to bypass any problems and deal directly with large amounts of information.  But the story doesn’t end here, brilliant minds have taken things one step further and are now using Big Data for other purposes.  Because Big Data is a symptom of a surplus of information, it only makes sense that someone might want to try to extract some value from it.  Similarly, once people discovered that oil might be used to run automobiles its overall value increased (a lot).  This is exactly how many people in the IT and Tech communities view Big Data – as if it were a “new type of natural resource”.

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So, how would businesses use Big Data as a resource, you ask?  Hidden inside Big Data are valuable insights about consumer trends, attitudes, interests and “demographics”.  Let’s take demographics for instance; through Big Data companies might be able to more quickly figure out who their best possible customers are.  But the fun doesn’t end there; they could also determine what these top consumers are interested in, which would help them when it comes to designing better marketing campaigns, and so on and so forth.  Of course this is just one example of how Big Data will become useful in the very near future; it’s also going to be used in health care, law enforcement and many other areas.  The truth is, we don’t even know all of the potential uses for Big Data at this point– it’s a very versatile and exciting field!

What does this have to do with you and your career?  Well, to be direct, these businesses are going to need specialists who know how to work with Big Data and take advantage of it (from a technical point-of-view).   Once a certain number of big companies start generating profits from Big Data all of the smaller organizations will follow suit.  This basically means that increased competition will spring up around Big Data analysis systems, etc…  If you’re an IT worker and have training or certification in Big Data when this event takes place you will be in high demand.  Likewise, higher demand means greater pay and responsibilities.

It’s very likely that Big Data will soon become its own career field, existing parallel to traditional IT roles.  In other words, those who are focusing on Big Data right now are preparing themselves for long-term careers which should be fairly stable.  So, how do you get started, you ask?  Click here to access one of the best complete online certification programs for Big Data.  Everything you need to know is included in the package, including media presentations, PDF texts, and assessment tests (which are used to measure your understanding).

What’s our recommendation?  Get certified now before everyone finds out about this amazing opportunity!

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