Whenever you integrate a device onto your computer system or install any software on it, you will need to make sure that the BIOS (the Boot Input Output System) is capable of recognizing and acknowledging the presence of any embedding that you perform on it.  The BIOS area is a crucial yet functional element that you can use.

When you launch your operating system on your computer system, it is the BIOS that calls on the attention of the operating system and in return the OS calls on the devices and any application that you have on the system. Imagine when the BIOS tries to load any application without the need to wait for the operating system to be launched?  Is this possible? Well, the answer is definite and absolute – Yes!

This kind of a technology is possible with the use of the BIOS Virtualization.  With the BIOS Virtualization, you are attempting to boot and load your computer system’s resources without the need for any operating system to do calling and supervising of these resources.  The virtualized BIOS will work as if it is the operating system that tries to manage and supervise every application software like your browser to be launched and be utilized without the presence of the real supervisor – the operating system. 

One of the pioneering companies that is able to develop and make this technology fully utilized is the Phoenix Software Solutions.  This company tries to envision a technology where at least 15 to 20 applications are capable of being executed and launched inside the virtual BIOS without the interference of the operating system. 

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