Would you like to know exactly how many people view your blog on a daily basis? Are you curious to find out where these people are from so you may improve your efforts at marketing to reach out to them in a better manner? If so, then Google Analytics is for you. This is an ingenious way that has been developed in order to let you in on the basic stats: how people found out about your blog, where these people originate and exactly how long they stayed and viewed your pages.

If you really are serious in your efforts to build a highly profitable blog, then you will find Google Analytics to be very much useful in tracking your visitors. Of course, the first thing you need to do is to have an account with two places: Blogger.com and Google Analytics. After you have created accounts for both, then you need to log on to Analytics and then go to the Add Website Profile settings.

As soon as you enter the URL or the website address of your own blog, then you can click Finish. You will then be given an HTML code which you will need to append to your blog page as a way of making sure that Google can track all of your visitors. You should copy this code by pressing right click and highlight the entire code. Copy this code and then paste it on your blog.

Google Analytics is indeed a great and efficient way to maintain the stats on your blog!

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