BPM and SOA can complement each other with the end view of improving company business processes and rolling out quality products and services to end consumers. BPM or business process management is a tool that could actually create the intended products and services while SOA or service oriented architecture serves as the engine to make BPM work and to deliver that work to consumers. It is a symbiotic relationship that could generally optimize the entire operation of companies.

Service oriented architecture was developed to give companies flexibility for their computing needs. Because the underlying nature of SOA is to distribute the computing architecture, this opens up opportunities for companies to work and collaborate across different platforms, different locations, and different local IT support. Having this kind of architecture, a web-centric, SOA-based business process management can be delivered across a wide, disconnected network. It eliminates the need to centralize the IT infrastructure in order for BPM to be deployed on a wide network. Centralization entails lots of concomitant over head expenses like setting up of an IT environment, maintenance of infrastructure and IT support personnel. So the merging of SOA and BPM will not only result to flexibility of companies to deploy work flow processes, it could also enable them to interconnect their separate business units and most importantly they could save a lot of much needed company resources.

BPM and SOA are new technologies that can maximize the potentials of companies to make significant growth. If properly complemented, BPM and SOA can further improve productivity resulting to increasing profit and strengthening the viability of a company.

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