There are two types of BPM certification that management professionals can take. The first one certifies professional as a BPM practitioner using BPM software. The second type certifies in the intricacies of business process and trains manager to spot opportunities in the business process that needs improvement or refinement. Both trainings can give valuable inputs to business process managers that can certainly improve their skills in business process management.

BPM certification in the use of different BPM software trains managers to use different computer assisted programs geared towards optimizing process management. BPM applications will be introduced to trainees and they will be trained to manipulate those programs to generate a process model. The aim of this kind of training is to give managers the necessary software skills in building a process design, workflow, and process map. Essentially this training will enhance the capability of managers in generating a business process model through the use of computer applications.

The other type of training, which also gives BPM certification, is more traditional in its approach. This training is process driven and teaches managers how to understand the concept of process management and how to build a design based on these concepts. Managers will also be introduced to the principles behind every steps of the business process and they will be trained to seek opportunities that could make the process optimal. Problem solving cases will also be given to trainees to test their abilities and competence on the different aspects of business process management.

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