Maintain clear and transparent lines of communications internally and externally regarding project performance, issues, risks, and other factors that would influence or impact the attainment of the goals set forth.

More Uses of the BPM Toolkit:

  • Ensure your organization supports the metric request intake process by monitoring for new requests, working alongside the team and metric owners to identify metrics fit for purpose and establishing the routine.
  • Be accountable for selecting relevant tools/techniques to meet client requirements as business case, pricing, or financial analysis and interpreting and reporting on outputs.
  • Organize: independently evaluate client relationship to recommend strategic plan and workflow changes to streamline operational efficiencies, resulting in the highest quality of service.
  • Collaborate with product and process owners to challenge business stakeholders to creatively automate processes with new solutions and approaches.
  • Be accountable for leading communication between media and product teams to ensure coherence in executing each clients individual media strategy.
  • Evaluate: work proactively with client stakeholders to re imagine the current business processes by deploying digital technologies and/or develop a new operating model in line with competitive and market forces.
  • Formulate: business processes are critical in achieving your organizations goals and any limitations will lead to lesser agility and to lose its competitive edge.
  • Communicate and document all processes and procedures to ensure that changes are provided to clients, suppliers/service delivery teams, and stakeholders.
  • Ensure you serve as a technical expert in development projects on one of your agile release teams and be exposed to a variety of development tools with a focus on expert systems used in your Policy Admin application.
  • Manage work with database administrators, quality assurance team, system engineers, network engineers and other staff to ensure data consistency, security and privacy.
  • Develop: continually look for opportunities to support the teams service offering with a focus on repeatable, scalable, exportable practices and tools.
  • Support organizational governance routines weekly and monthly team reporting routines and annual process and procedures review and updates.
  • Be accountable for defining systems strategy, developing system requirements, designing, prototyping, and testing custom technology solutions, and supporting system implementation.


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