Braindumps are a list of questions Many companies have invested heavily on Cisco systems for their networks and networking technologies.  Naturally, they will want to hire Cisco certified network professionals for their investment.  But getting a CCNA certification can be expensive and can be difficult to pass.  This led to the prolification of CCNA braindumps all over the web.  A simple search on the net will yield millions of websites dedicated to braindumping.

And while examinees are often required to remove all electronic and personal items from their belongings prior to taking the certification exams, there are some who still manage to capture the exam questions and braindump them online.  There are now several CCNA braindumps that are circulating online.  Most are free and can be viewed by anyone.

The problem with CCNA braindumps is that it forces companies to make exams that are more difficult thereby reducing the chances of “legitimate” examinees from passing. Websites and people giving a CCNA braindump will also make unqualified people certified!  It devaluates the certification process.

It should be noted, however, that any CCNA braindump is illegal and constitutes a breach of the intellectual property of Cisco.  CCNA braindumps is done by persons who actually take the certification exams and sell the questions to a website outside the US.  These websites then host the published answers and sometimes charges for them.  While they may advertise their site as a reference or a resource for CCNA information, they are actually a CCNA braindump and anyone accessing them is actually “cheating” on the exam they are about to take.

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